Chelation 150g

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Chelation EDTA

A powerful detox aid.

Powder. 150g

Chelation was approved by the FDA in World War 2 to treat lead poisoning. However so many doctors worldwide noticed that their patients were also being cured of heart disease. The reason is simple. It chelates or claws plaque from the arteries, allowing the blood to flow normally. It also prevents blood from clotting, which is why every blood test taken is treated with EDTA before it goes to the laboratory for testing. It prevents it from clotting before it gets there. This is a well-kept secret.
They know it prevents clotting, yet this is a well-kept secret, one has to ask WHY?
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Boddy-Chelation is always taken mixed with the Boddy-Ascorbic. Please do NOT use the chelation formula without the Boddy- Ascorbic, though of course ascorbic can be used alone.

This is to minimise side-effects from detoxing.

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