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Youthing Seminar: Look younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer

Date: 29th May

Time: 9-30am – 11-30 am

No Charge. Free entry. Due to covid, we are limited to 30 persons only. Please make contact to reserve your seat.


Venue: Fisantezicht, Francis Albert Avenue, Durbanville, 7550



Maureen 75 years Youthing, Grandmother of eight, has studied Health and Longevity for over three decades, and uses the Prophylactic Approach to Ageing. (prevention is better than cure)
You will learn how to prevent the three major causes of death:-

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Prescription Drugs

By simply using three 100% natural, inexpensive products…  Do you find this hard to believe? Good! For many decades, Maureen has challenged her audiences to prove her wrong. You will discover, why no-one ever has.

You will also learn how to prevent your skin from ageing, and how to avoid the ingredients in skin care products, which do not prevent wrinkles, but actually cause them, making your skin age more quickly.


For more information on this event, or to reserve your seat, send an email to

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