Motivational Quotes by Maureen

From an early age I learned that motivation is the key to open the treasure chest of the unique talents,
skills and abilities that everyone possesses.

You are a unique and special creation of Almighty God. As such you possess unique talents, skills and abilities. Think about this. Your fingerprints, and your DNA are unique to you.. Whatever you chose to do in life, you can do it. Because you already possess all the talents and skills you need to succeed. It will be something you enjoy doing, or something you would feel really happy doing.

Maureen Boddy, Youthing, living anti-ageing promoter and healthy person


It started as a young pre-primary teacher.  I did not agree with  the regimental uniformity in the classroom, believing in the uniqueness of each child, also that encouragement, and praise would be more beneficial to the child and bring better results. It worked.  I opened my own private school, and had so called ‘slow’ children reading before they were 5 (Glen Doman method).

For over 40 years I have studied anti-ageing, and senescence (biology of ageing) and have discovered why people age physically,  and often die before their time, it is simply through ‘lack of knowledge’. I want to impart that knowledge. Much of which you will find in these pages…

“Our mind is like a garden. It will produce what you plant, and cultivate. Good seed will bring positive ambitious thoughts, belief in self, strength of character, determination and drive and the ability to forgive. If you don’t plant good seed in your mind, weeds will grow and can manifest low self-esteem, resentment, self-pity and bitterness.”  Maureen Boddy

“Our Speech determines our direction in life. Talk Positively. Never put yourself down. Words you speak, can lead to success or failure.  Positive words can change your life, and your future. Forget the words. “I can’t” rather say “I can and I will”.   Maureen Boddy

“Think big. You’ll never go higher than you think. Picture yourself, as you want to be. Don’t let negative thinking people stop you.”
Maureen Boddy

“Thoughts can be constructive or destructive. If you think you are old, then you are old, if you think you are young, then you are young”. Maureen Boddy

“Words are like containers, they can be filled with encouragement, love, and compassion, or be full of bitterness, anger, complaining, or even hate.” Maureen Boddy

“Just as faithfulness is the key to the best relationship, happiness, and contentment is the key to true wealth. The key to health and longevity is a gift we can give to ourselves”.
Maureen Boddy

“Human ageing can speed up slow down even reverse itself. It depends on your thoughts, your beliefs, and your attitude”. Maureen Boddy
Maureen Boddy, Youthing

“Our words have powerful effect on our lives; the atmosphere in your home, the condition of your marriage; the moods of those around us are all affected by our words”. Maureen Boddy

“Research into the greatest achievers, and outstanding persons reveal: 35% were between 60-70 yr. 23% were between 70-80 yr. and 8% when they were over 80 yr. Incredibly 66% of the world’s greatest achievers were older than 60.” Maureen Boddy

“A negative response: – Ageing is a progressive deterioration of my body!   Everything is starting to droop, shrink, fall out, or expands in all the wrong places! Ageing robs me of my physical fitness; it erodes my intelligence, and my memory, it can take away my sex drive. Finally, it kills me”! Maureen Boddy
“A positive response: I am a unique, positive individual; my DNA and my fingerprints are mine alone. Regardless of my age, I can achieve anything I put my mind to, because I believe in myself, I will speak only in the positive; I have POISE – Positive  Objectives  In  Speech  Everyday”.  Maureen Boddy

“We are all just one day older than the day before. What will we do with that one-day granted to us?  What is more important to us, the number of days that we live, or, the quality of life each day as we live it?”  Maureen Boddy

“We have no control over the number of days in our life, or what may happen to us on any given day. What we do have control over, is our response to it. We are able to respond to ageing whichever way we choose. RESPONSE/ABLE. Ageing is no more than our response to it”. Maureen Boddy

“Youthing is all about the concept that your body is what you put into it or put on it. It is important to look after your body in order to look and feel your best.” Maureen Boddy

“The best antidote to eliminate guilt and worry is action. Face the problem, make a decision, do something about it, then visualize a positive outcome”.
Maureen Boddy

“The mind influences every cell in the body. Worry, guilt and regret can wreak havoc with our immune system, and raise your stress levels, which can make you ill, and age you”.
Maureen Boddy

“Three things make up an attitude: What we think, what we say, and what we do. What we think about ageing and what our emotional response is, directly effects our reaction to it”. Maureen Boddy

“Guilt makes you focus on past events and worry makes you obsessed about the future. 40% never happen, 30% are in the past, you can do nothing to change it, 12% concern others, (not your business anyway), and 10% about sickness, real or imagined, 8% are of genuine concern. Tackle the 8% with Action”. Maureen Boddy