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Note: Monthly fees are payable in advance. i.e. Up-Front.
Clients may attend as many classes as they wish.

The assessment is compulsory prior to joining classes, even if the student is familiar to the exercise. The purpose of the assessment is to teach the basics of Pilates and Isometrics, the terminologies used and to assess individual capabilities.  One month’s notice is required in the event of cancellation, alternatively on month’s fees in lieu of cancellation. Ladies only classes. 

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: for New Starters, arriving at my studio for the first time… 
When you come to the end of the gravel road,  if the big black gate is not open, please ring the bell. If the gate is open, please drive in and park at the front of the house. Please do not drive down past the house, you will get stuck and have to reverse back. Once parked at the front of the house, walk down the side of the house further down the driveway to the wooden doors with glass panels – they will be open. There are three steps down into the waiting area. I will meet you there.
Thank you!

Back Injuries and Back Pain

My name is Maureen Boddy. I have had a number of accidents each affecting my spine; from falling off a horse, falling down stairs carrying waste water, and more recently, my  heel caught in a crack on concrete steps, I ended up using crutches till my ankle healed, and the back pain was excruciating.

Eighteen years ago I was was already told by a neuro surgeon that if he did not operate immediately, I would be in a wheelchair in six months. I would also have to wear a brace for nine months, and that would have been the end of my Pilates career.  Each time I refused surgery and I am now pain free and active. I chose to go the natural way.

Pilates is a great form of exercise, I have taught it for over twenty years, however it is over hundred years since Joseph Pilates first taught in New York, and science has moved on.

I have studied  the latest information available to date regarding back injuries. With the knowledge I have accrued, I now incorporate this knowledge and  exercises in my   Pilates classes.

My passion is to help others who are suffering with back pain, disc bulges, or sciatica, also those who have gone the surgical route, but still have to take pain killers,  often  with horrid side effects. Or anyone who wants to strengthen their backs to prevent injury.

I  teach my clients about activities in their daily schedule that are causing them pain, also healthy movement patterns that will promote pain-free living. Strategies and exercises that will help them achieve and maintain a healthy, strong spine.   No-one knows better that I do how debilitating constant back pain can be.

With the Isometric Movement and Dynamic  tension you will safely strengthen and tone muscles, tighten flabby arms, and  tummies, all  without the need for heavy weights,

Our  studio is very spacious and safe parking is provided on the premises.