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I have suffered from low self-esteem since I was a child, and as I read the first few chapters of Maureen’s book’ for the first time ever in my life I feel motivated, as it explained why I had felt this way. Can’t wait to finish the rest of the book.
This book is an eye-opener. I have finished the book and it’s incredible. It is inspirational.
I love this book and cannot get enough. I had a stroke and am now a walking promoter.
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This book has changed my life, I couldn’t believe how well I felt when I started to raise my pH. I am no longer acidic and I feel like a new person. Everyone who has cancer should read it.
I would like to encourage anyone and everyone to read this book, I have taken a completely different attitude towards my health and the health of my family. It is scary what is happening in the pharmaceutical industry, at last someone (Maureen) has had the courage to expose it.
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What motivated you to write this book called Youthing: How to Look Younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer?

I first had a curiosity, which soon became a passion, to discover why people age. I spent over thirty years studying all the information available including the biology of ageing (senescence) which shocked me to my core. I knew then that this must be compiled into a book that would be easy for anyone to read. I wanted to expose the truth of what is happening in pharmaceutical/medical industries.

Is this your first self-published book?

No, this is my 5th self-published book and third on Health. However, my latest book covers every aspect of one’s life… Spirt, Soul and Body. “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”. (A healthy mind in a healthy body).

In the book you mention a natural cure for depression, is this true?

Yes, step by step instructions are given on how to build self-esteem, stay motivated, and increase your self-image. Sadly over 40% of women and 20% of males who are depressed are prescribed anti-depressants with literally dozens of serious side-effects.

Are MSG and Aspartame really so dangerous?

Absolutely so. Both are Excitotoxins with symptoms ranging from blindness to death. Pages 99 -148, you will read the horrid truth that will leave you in no doubt about these dangers of the excitotoxins MSG and Aspartame, and exactly how to avoid them.

What are some of the shocking things you learnt while researching the subject of ageing that you felt you needed to share?

I discovered that literally millions of people are dying from a lack of knowledge about the two major killers of humankind today.

These are Cancer and Heart disease. Let us look at cancer. No-one, and I mean no-one, needs to die of cancer. There is irrefutable truth in my book proving this statement. It is this absolute truth that too few ever get to hear.

Why are people dying of Cancer?

In 1931 Dr Otto Warburg won a `Nobel Prize ‘proving that Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen environment. Yet the ‘Powers that be’ ignored this. People are dying because their bodies are acidic. At a pH of 7.4 and higher, cancer cells become dormant, because they are in an oxygen environment, and cannot survive.  A simple pH test can be done at home by testing your urine, then getting your body into an alkaline state, and keeping your body at a pH of 7.4 or higher. At a pH of 7.8 cancer cells will die. It is so inexpensive to treat it would be laughable if it were not so serious. No-one should fear cancer. When I make the statement: “I will never get cancer!” during my seminars, I can read the sceptical expressions on the faces of my audience. When I ask them: “why do you doubt that statement?” someone inevitably responds with: “no-one can say that. My response is always: “I just did”. I can say with confidence, because I check my pH once or twice a week and I am in a constant state of a pH of between 7 & 8. Therefore, no cancer cells can survive in my body – Yes, it is that simple.

You mention quite horrific statistics about Cancer, can you prove that?

Yes, 10 million people died of cancer in 2020, and this figure is growing annually, and most are dying of chemotherapy. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) have proven that mammograms cause more cases of breast cancer than it identifies. Read how inexpensive and non-toxic Ascorbic Acid [C6H8O6] is known to be a de-toxication agent in cancer treatment. However, the Chemotherapy National Service Centre refused to do any tests on Ascorbic Acid with the following excuse:


You also mentioned heart disease as the other major cause of death. What are some of the shocking truths about it that you share in your book?

The answer to that is covered in Pages 173 to 193, In twenty pages you will learn the truth about Statins: the biggest medical scam of the century. Learn how statins destroy cholesterol; half our brain is made up of cholesterol! It has been proven that people with the LOWEST cholesterol levels had the HIGHEST mortality rate. Statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10, and causes myopathy, which destroys muscle. Bear in mind your heart is a muscle, and the brain needs CoQ10 which protects it from oxidative damage, CoQ10 improves both mental and physical heath.

You called Statin drugs the biggest medical scam of the century, why?

CVD’S, Cardio Vascular Disease, are the leading cause of death globally an estimated 18 million deaths occur each year. 134 million statin drugs are prescribed annually. If statin drugs were successful in preventing, treating, or reducing CVDs the case numbers should show some form of improvement, but they do not. Just the opposite is happening. Since 1986 when the first statin drugs were introduced, cancer has increased phenomenally.

Many brilliant scientists, most of whom have written books on the dangers of statins, all agree “that statins are a profit-driven, money-making business. Doing more harm to a person’s body than if they were never used. They question if statins have saved even one life.

You write that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is dangerous. Why? you also suggest a safe alternative.

In Part 5 of my book pages 119-213, I cover the dangerous side effects of HRT. These include Strokes, Heart attacks, Endometrial and Uterine Cancers, Acute liver disease, Gall bladder disease, Blood clots, Hypertension, and Vaginal bleeding. The good news is that Bio-identical hormones therapy (BIHT) are a safe alternative. This is NOT hyperbole it is fact. 

BIHT natural progesterone and testosterone are a safe alternative not just for women, read how men also need progesterone and male testosterone. Restoring libido in both men and women, relieves depression, and corrects hormone imbalances.

Progesterone has several cosmetic advantages too, by way of producing softer, younger looking skin. I have been taking female testosterone and progesterone for over 20 years, before I was pre-menopausal. I never experienced any symptoms ‘of the change of life’. On a personal level I would highly recommend Natural Hormones to every woman and man. My husband has also used them for years.

Will it be easy for people to check all that you claim in your book?

Yes, because I give references with every claim. These are easy to check. Also, the Book is divided into 9 sections, and at the end of each I write: ‘Suggested Reading’ from the many authors who are experts on all the subjects covered in that section.