Anti-Bac Spray

R 70.00

Anti-Bac Spray 30ml

contains Youthing Boddy Drops.


The Youthing Anti-Bac spray is small enough to fit into any pocket or handbag, and contains the same biocide as the Youthing Boddy Drops, which has undergone extensive research
Use the spray for hand and general sanitization. We have had numerous reports from clients that it alleviates Hay Fever and sinus. Both of which I used to suffer from, now a thing of the past. The spray will immediately and safely disinfect the hands and will remain active until they are washed in normal water.

  1. Spray any object you want to ensure is bacteria and virus free, and to prevent infections.
  2. Use only 2- max 3 drops dilution in the 30 ml spay for immediate relief of Hay Fever and sinus, spray directly into one nostril whilst blocking the other. Repeat.
  3. Alternately, Spray into the air (near your face) and breathe that in deeply to lesson sinus and hay fever symptoms.
  4. Earplugs before inserting into your ear.
  5. Baby’s toys that fall onto the floor.
  6. Public gym mats before use
  7. Spray into your mouth when you feel the beginning of sore throat, continue till it subsides.
  8. Spray on any wound immediately to prevent infection and reduce bleeding.
  9. A few sprays into the air when someone coughs or sneezes close by, may prevent you being infected.
  10. All minor wounds will benefit by spraying immediately with the spay.

See Boddy Drops, Multipurpose Water Purification Drops for more info.



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