Youthing: Look Younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer

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Youthing: Look Younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer
book by Maureen Boddy.

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The book is selling well. This warms my soul and makes the many hundreds of hours collating this  information and as many hours sitting at the computer typing it all out, really worthwhile. I know, that whoever reads it, for instance, will never be afraid of  cancer or heart disease again. These are the two major killers of mankind today. They will be in control of their own lives. ~

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  • Anti-depressants: Step by step instructions are given on how to build your self-esteem, stay motivated, and increase your self-image without taking drugs.
  • MSG is much more dangerous than you think – Learn the REAL truth.
  • Aspartame is poison in over 5000 products. The FDA have recorded 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning, including blindness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, mental illness, and death – learn the truth.
  • Ritalin and Concerta (Methylphenidate): many deaths have occurred in children and adults. Read the tragic story of Matthew, who died age twelve after taking Ritalin, his death certificate stated ‘Death by Ritalin ‘(methylphenidate).
  • Heart Disease: Cardiovascular diseases (CVD’s) are the leading cause of death globally, taking 18 million lives each year, increasing annually. Learn the real truth about heart disease your doctor probably doesn’t know about.
  • Statin Drugs Possibly the biggest medical scam of the century: Learn the truth… How statins destroy muscle, cause liver damage, increase the risk of cancer, deplete the body of coq10, artificially lower cholesterol levels (your body needs cholesterol).
  • 34 million statin drugs are prescribed annually. If statin drugs were successful in preventing, treating, or reducing heart disease – the numbers should show this, but they don’t. Too many brilliant scientists have proven that Statins are totally useless. All agree statins are a profit driven money-making business. The public have been deceived. Read how some doctors are paid to prescribe statins.
  • Cancer and Chemotherapy: it has been documented for over a decade that chemo does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. Read all the scientific documentation and proof in this book.
  • Mammography: Causes 52 % increase in breast cancer mortality in young women, and could cause far more cases of breast cancer than it identifies.
  • Acidosis and pH of the body: Learn the importance of keeping your body in a healthy alkaline state, and why many brilliant doctors – some Nobel prize winners – believe that all diseases stem from acidosis.

The Good News is: This Book will give you proven drug-free solutions to all the ailments mentioned, and other medical problems, too numerous to mention here. There are natural safe alternatives. Read the scientific reports proving this and every claim made.