Statins: Possibly The Biggest Scam of this Century.


Co Q10 is vital for the entire body, especially important to the heart.
Cholesterol lowering drugs deplete the body of CoQ10.
The heart has the highest concentration of CoQ10.
Statin drugs interfere with our ability to make cholesterol.
Half of our brain’s chemistry is made up of cholesterol fats.
Without cholesterol, cognitive function will suffer.
Cholesterol insulates the nervous system, lining the myelin sheath of the nerve cells.


Red and organ meats have both been ridiculed as unhealthy ‘artery-clogging’ foods yet are the NATURAL primary source of dietary CoQ10.




MYOPATHY (muscle disease) is one of the serious side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs.


Dr Duane Graveline, MD former NASA astronaut, and flight surgeon for the U.S. Air Force, author of eight books, wrote:

‘I could remember none of my experiences after my second bout with Lipitor, which induced amnesia.’ He wrote books on his experience with statins:

‘Lipitor thief of Memory’ , ‘Misguided War on Cholesterol’ .



The first statin drug, lovastatin, was first used commercially 35 years ago, in 1987.

If statins worked to prevent heart disease, how is it then heart disease is still the number one killer of humans?

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimate of almost 17.9, almost 18 million lives each year. Increasing annually, 134 million statin drugs are prescribed annually, to unsuspecting souls who are made worse by statins, not better. If statin drugs were successful in preventing, treating, or reducing CVDs the numbers should show this, but they don’t. Just the opposite is happening.

Too many brilliant scientists have proven Statins are totally useless. Too many books have been written by these brilliant men.

All agree statins are a profit-driven, money-making business, doing much more harm to a person’s body than if they never used them, and they questioned whether satins have saved even one life. 


The public has been deceived.



In August 2001, Bayer AG, the maker of Baycol (cerivastatin), a popular cholesterol-lowering drug used by about 700,000 Americans, pulled the medicine off the market after 31 people died from severe muscle breakdown, a well-recognised side effect of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

More than 200 million prescriptions have been dispensed world-wide, yet heart disease is still the leading cause of death in developed countries.

I was curious about these statistics and asked a heart specialist a straight question. “Do more people die of heart attacks with high cholesterol than those with low cholesterol?” He looked at me and paused before he answered, “It is about the same.”

I decided to research why the hype on the importance of cholesterol and the use of statin drugs and found out an indisputable fact.

More people actually die of cardiovascular disease when they have low cholesterol than when they have high cholesterol!
[excerpted from my book, pages 182 – 184] Youthing: Look Younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer. 
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