Using the Health Products Trio

How to use all three health products together

Alkaline pH Booster, Ascorbic & Chelation:

Ideally all three products should be used simultaneously, as follows:-

ALKALINE: The amount of Alkaline Booster depends on your pH reading, If your pH is low, increase until it is at least 7.4, higher is better.

ASCORBIC: Your body needs Ascorbic every day, as you cannot store it. Ascorbic will be utilized over a 24 hour period. An absolute minimum of one teaspoon per day, is a necessity , however more is better. Increase to bowel tolerance. (Remember without Vitamin C, the body cannot form Collagen) Ascorbic is the perfect anti-ageing vitamin.

CHELATION: – You need only half a teaspoon per day.

ROUTINE – I mix all three products together in the evening. This makes a fizzy drink. Then I leave it for a while till the fizzing subsides.
You may prefer mornings. The most important thing is to get into a routine that best suits you.

Here’s to your health!
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