Diabetes, Hypertension and…

DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, HYPOTENSION, KIDNEY AILMENTS, GOUT, CONSTIPATION… are all specific disease conditions, caused through Acidosis.


When acidic wastes accumulate in the pancreas, diabetes can develop due to lack of insulin in the body. We may help avoid the onset of diabetes if we flush out the acidic waste in our bodies by drinking plenty of healthy alkaline water.


Hypertension is a common illness that occurs due to three reasons:

  1. Hypertension caused by clogged capillary vessels.
  2. Narrowed blood vessels caused by acidic wastes. Thus, blood pressure has to be higher naturally to supply sufficient quantities of blood through the narrow vessels.
  3. Lack of oxygen due to chemical reasons, namely solidified acidic waste in the vessels.


Hypotension can occur as the heart muscles deteriorate due to a lack of calcium ions, caused by acidic waste. A patient with hypotension may regain his health by drinking healthy alkaline water. This is because calcium ions in alkaline water can help to restore the heart’s activities when the problem is caused by a lack of calcium ions.


One of the major functions of alkaline water is to purify or help remove the wastes in the body. The accumulation of excessive wastes in the kidneys weakens the kidneys. When cells survive in an excessively acidic environment, swelling of the kidneys occurs. To remain healthy, cells should expel all the waste produced by them. But if the blood becomes more acidic, then the waste will cling to the walls of cells, causing solidification of acidic fluoride in the kidneys, and kidney stones.


Gout happens when calcium accumulates in the capillary blood vessels of the hands and legs. Normally, gout occurs in toe joints, knee joints, and finger joints, drinking alkaline water is one of the best treatments.


Dr Choi, a medical practitioner at the Seoul National Medical University, observed 15 patients (10 men and five women) who had suffered from constipation for over a year. Results showed that the symptoms of constipation were alleviated when alkaline water was consumed for a period of one to two weeks. Twelve of the 15 patients recovered remarkably well after this period. This is true because by lubricating the wastes secreted on the walls of the large intestine, excretion became easier. Dr Choi also observed that there was a remarkable improvement

in how alert his patients were after drinking alkaline water.,


When we suffer from stress, our body produces more acidic waste, leading to acidosis. Physical stress can be relieved by getting a good rest. Nowadays, however, most of us do not find the time to relieve mental stress. Continued long term stress will create harmful problems like headaches, mental disorder, bad temper, and unbalanced hormone excretion, etc. There are two kinds of stress. One is physical stress caused by physical activities and the other is mental stress caused by mental fatigue.


To conclude, it is reasonable to say that there are no specific diseases, only specific disease conditions. That is why Dr Young and many other brilliant people believe: –


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