Cancer and Statins:


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In one trial, the CARE trial, breast cancer rates of those taking a statins went up 1500%. Manufacturers of statin drugs have recognised statins depress the immune system, an effect that can lead to cancer and infectious disease.
Thus Levacor, Socor, Pravachol, Lipitor, Crestor and others should be avoided.


  • destruction of muscle
  • liver damage
  • increased risk of cancer
  • suppression of the immune system
  • depletes the body of Co Q10


Linus Pauling’s “Unified Theory of cardiovascular disease”:

Linus Pauling had the same theory about vitamin C and heart disease treatment; it’s called the “Unified Theory of human cardiovascular disease”, which states that ascorbate deficiency is one of the primary causes of cardiovascular disease.

Using data gleaned from literally hundreds of published research papers by world-class scientists (MDs and PhDs), Pauling and his research partner, Matthias Rath, MD, described the link between cardiovascular disease and vitamin C.

The Unified Theory explains how the human body precisely regulates blood concentrations of cholesterol and provides compelling evidence that with proper nutrition (and not drugs) cardiovascular disease can be prevented and even reversed.



Dr Irwin Stone, a noted biochemist said, One of the most important biochemical functions of ascorbic acid in the body’s chemistry is the synthesis, formation, and maintenance of a protein like substance called collagen.’


Ascorbic acid is essential to collagen production by the body. Collagen is the body’s most important structural substance.

  • It is the cement that supports and holds the tissues and organs together.
  • It is the substance in the bones which provides the toughness and flexibility and prevents brittleness. Without it, the body would just disintegrate or dissolve away.
  • Collagen comprises about one-third of the body’s total weight of protein and is the most extensive tissue system.
  • It is the substance that strengthens the arteries and veins.
  • It supports the muscles, toughens ligaments, and bones.
  • It supplies the scar tissue for healing wounds.
  • It keeps the youthful skin tissues soft, firm, supple and wrinkle free.

When ascorbic acid is lacking, and collagen formation is impaired, scurvy symptoms will occur.

  • The brittle bones that fracture on the slightest impact.
  • The weakened arteries that rupture and haemorrhage.
  • The incapacitating muscle weakness.
  • The affected joints that become too painful to move.
  • The teeth that fall out.
  • The wounds and sores that never heal.
  • Suboptimal amounts of ascorbic acid over prolonged periods, by its effect of producing poor quality collagen, may be the factor in later life that causes the high incidence of arthritis and joint diseases, broken hips, the heart and vascular diseases that cause sudden death, and the strokes that bring on senility.



The common cold costs industry billions of dollars a year in lost time and production. Expensive research continues to find the ‘miracle drug’ or vaccine for its cure.

However, flu and colds comprise about seventy to eighty different serotypes. Vaccines are highly specific and only effective against a particular viral strain or bacterial species.

A wide spectrum, non-toxic, virucidal, and bactericidal agent is needed. According to many medical and scientific experts in this field, Ascorbic Acid fills this bill. [pg189]



I seriously think I have heard every argument against mega doses of ascorbic from stomach ulcers to gallstones, liver problems to cancer. Each one I have sent a personal reply using credible medical reports.

I have reached a stage now of total frustration at the lack of knowledge in this area. It is good to question everything; that is the purpose of this book; however, my answer in future will be please research the evidence and make an informed decision yourself.

I have been taking mega doses of Ascorbic acid (1500 mg/one tablespoon for years).

Only you and no-one but you are responsible for your health.
[Maureen Boddy]


I remember reading at school about sailors having scurvy, and how many died on board ship because of this lack of what we now call Vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

When studying ascorbic acid and having read many books and medical reports. I am absolutely convinced that these many brilliant medical and scientific men and women, who all came to exactly the same conclusion, cannot all be wrong.

That is because we cannot manufacture ascorbic naturally in our liver as most mammals still can. [pg 190]

The recommended daily dose (RDA) is far too low. Crazy though it may sound, most people today suffer from mild scurvy and its many related diseases.


Dr Irwin Stone who has probably done the most research in this field coined the term hypoascorbemia.

Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on ascorbic acid, quoted “that the daily dosage of ascorbic acid in man should be very much higher.”

Dr Frederick R. Klenner, who has had actual clinical experience in megascorbic therapy for over thirty years, routinely prescribed ten grams (10 000mgs) of ascorbic acid daily to his adult patients for the maintenance of good health.

His daily dosage schedule for children is one gram (1 000mg) of ascorbic acid per year of age up to ten years and ten grams daily thereafter (e.g., a four-year-old child would receive four grams (4 000mg daily). Today’s RDA for an adult is 60 mg, per day – yet this amount will only prevent you from getting scurvy.

Dr Linus Pauling, twice a Nobel Prize winner, wrote his book: Vitamin C and the Common Cold, in late 1970. It was the first scientific book ever published in the new medical fields of mega doses of ascorbic; he said optimum intake for a large population might be as high as 10 000 milligrams (10 grams) or more a day. This book is out of print, but I found a copy in the city library. He took up to 19 000 mgs per day.

I gradually increased my own intake from 3000mg to my now regular 15000mg per day, 5000mg three times a day. [pg 191]

At 76-years Youthing, I have never been healthier or more energetic and never get sick. This cannot be disputed. What’s more, friends, family, Pilate’s clients and acquaintances will confirm this.
[Maureen Boddy]



Out of the thousands of different animals existing in Nature, only three (humans, primates and guinea pigs) were known to need vitamin C in their foodstuff. The livers of nearly all mammals are constantly making and pouring ascorbic acid into their bloodstreams; they manufacture their own ascorbic as they need it but man’s liver is unable to do this. Consequently, he needs a daily, constant, large, outside supply.

It took me some time to discover the exact formula that animals produce in their liver. I found it in one of Linus Pauling’s papers. It is C6H8O6. This is the formula I market as one of my Youthing Health range.


The above is an exact excerpt from Maureen Boddy’s book: “Youthing: Look Younger, Stay Healthier, Live Longer.”


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