Boddy Drops

Boddy Drops and spray.

Multipurpose Water Purification Drops

How To Use and What it is Good for.

YBD biocide kills Viruses, Pathogens, E. Coli, Streptococcus, and Coliforms It is anti-fungal, and anti-Bacterial. The biocide in this formula has undergone extensive research by two universities (Pretoria and Stellenbosch) as well as the CSIR. (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)
Drinking Water:
The safety and purity of our tap water is steadily declining. YBD will purify any potable drinking water making it safe to drink. It removes all dangerous contaminants including chlorine, making it safe and healthy for human consumption.

Why YBD is so effective?

Our bodies are approx. 70% water, our blood 90%. Muscle 75%
Adding 3-4 drops to one litre of potable water, not only ensures safety, but also gives the correct dissolved trace minerals for vital cellular function.
Crops are sprayed with dangerous pestisides such as Round Up,
Wash fruit and vegetables  in water treated with the drops, for 2-3 minutes.
Spray onto front and back of hands, rub together till dry. YBD contains no alcohol.


Fill your chosen spray bottle with tap water. The amount of drops used will vary according to your chosen container.


1 drop per ml. e.g. an ideal portable hand- bag spray is 20 ml.= 20 drops.
Ratio for larger sprays
It is easier to work in teaspoon measurements
1 drop = 0.01 tsp; 1 tsp = 100 drop.
e.g. For your 100 ml container you will need1 teaspoon of product.

Other suggested uses for spray: Ratio 3-4 drops per litre

Mix Boddy Drops as directed with potable (tap) water and spray any object you want to ensure to prevent infections.

  • Earplugs before inserting into your ear
  • Baby’s toys, dummies that fall on the floor
  • Public gym mats before use
  • Spray into your mouth, when you feel the beginning of sore throat, continue till it subsides
  • Spray on any wound immediately to prevent infection
  • Reduce bleeding and prevent infection on wounds
  • A few sprays into the air when someone coughs or sneezes close by, may prevent you being infected
  • Spray into the air and breath deeply to lesson hay fever symptoms (reported by many clients)

The Youthing Boddy drops have been shown to treat drinking water to satisfy water quality guidelines. In South Africa, SANS 241 is the guideline used to ensure safe drinking water.

(as per slide shows by Maureen Boddy)

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