Skin Care Usage Instructions

How to use the Youthing Face Skin Care products, and in what order.

Use in the following order, whether you have one of the Youthing products or more.

Always clean your hands before you begin your face-cleansing and moisturising routine.


Youthing Cleanser contains no soap. Soaps rob your skin of essential moisture and natural oils.
Youthing Cleanser is made with 100% natural organic ingredients. It acts like a magnet to impurities and lifts them off the skin. Where they get swept up on the cotton swab in your hand. Leaving the skin feeling soothed, clean and nourished. What’s more, you do not need to use a toner on your skin, at all. Not needed.

Night cleanse:

  • Do not wet your skin with water. Tap water contains chlorine, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Apply cleanser to your face, neck and around the eyes.
  • Using a cosmetic pad or cotton wool, gently use small circular movements to lift impurities and make-up. For heavy make-up you may repeat.
  • Do not rinse off with water.

Morning cleanse:

  • If you have an oily skin-type, you may want to repeat the night cleansing routine.
  • If you have a dry to normal skin-type, and you have used the cleanser the night before, you can do the following”
    • Add 3-4 Boddy Drops to a small bowl of water. The drops will purify the water.
    • Using a cosmetic pad or cotton wool dipped in this water, gently use small circular movements over the face and around the eyes to lift impurities.
    • Pat dry with a towel. Never pull your skin. Pat.


Pump a small amount of SERUM into the palm of your hand and PAT onto face, neck, and under your eyes, and a tiny amount just below your eyebrows.

Please do NOT PULL or RUB. Just pat, pat, pat.


Apply the SKIN FRIMER. A little goes a long way, as you will apply only a thin layer over the entire face and neck. This includes above, and below your eyes, as this will also help with those ‘droopy’ eyelids. VERY IMPORTANT —WAIT FOR A WHOLE TEN MINUTES.  (You will find something to do while waiting) Your skin will tighten.


You can now apply your Face Skin Cream.


Gently pat the SKIN CREAM over your face, neck, and under your eyes. Never pull or stretch your skin.

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